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Yolk + Pod — Branding

Kirsty, the culinary mastermind behind local Glasgow bakery Yolk + Pod, asked me to help her create a new visual identity for her business to coincide with moving into a new bakery. I designed a bright, fun logo based on the image of a stack of bowls, but also perhaps reminiscent of a seed pod as referenced in the name of the bakery.

Yolk + Pod Logo
Pink Yolk + Pod logo on yellow background Teal Yolk + Pod logo on pink background Yellow Yolk + Pod logo on teal background
Yolk + Pod business cards

Kirsty and I have since worked together to create a T-shirt which features a bold abstract design, an extension of the shapes of the logo. The main design is on the back so it can still be seen if the wearer has a baking apron over the top which covers up the front.

Yolk + Pod T-shirt front Yolk + Pod T-shirt back