Amy McIlhenny Logo
Mude Threads

I created a new visual identity for Mude Threads after its founder, Jazz Moodie, decided she wanted to update her brand.

Mude Threads is a pioneering business created by Jazz, who creates beautiful custom artworks of the nude form with the aim of helping women and nonbinary people to embrace and celebrate their bodies, challenge cultural norms and dismantle the insecurities that society forces upon us. Jazz was, and remains, a big inspiration to me and it was a delight to be able to work with her.

The new identity creates a bold and striking silhouette, referencing a nude form without being overly literal. The bright red and pink are colours used heavily in Jazz’s work and already associated with Mude Threads, thus helping the logo to be instantly identifiable. The font is a hand-crafted typeface, unique to the Mude Threads brand.

Mude Threads logo
front of Mude Threads business card